A Fence Would Be the Perfect Addition to Your Yard

Our professional fence company in Sartell, MN can customize your fence to your needs

Imagine being able to let the kids play outside, knowing for sure that they'll stay in your yard. Because you don't have to keep an eye on them, you can enjoy some peace and quiet, not to mention peace of mind. Now imagine having a fence that will not only keep the kids in your yard, but also give you some much-needed privacy.

J&S Fence, a professional fence company in Sartell, MN, can build the perfect fence for your family. Call 615-509-1962 now to discuss your needs with our local fence installation contractors.

Why choose J&S Fence?

A professional fence company can make your project go off without a hitch. You can expect our crew to...

Set clear expectations from the beginning

Communicate with you throughout the process

Build a high-quality fence that meets your needs

Support a small, family-owned business in Sartell, MN by trusting your fence installation to J&S Fence.

Pick the right fence for your property

Not sure what type of fence you should build? Consider installing a...

Chain-link fence - to protect your yard without making it look closed-off
Composite (Trex) fence - High -end product for durability and low maintenance
Decorative metal fence - perfect for defining your property line
Vinyl fences - Provides privacy and low maintenance
Wood fence - a simple, classic choice for any home

With over a decade of experience, our local fence installation contractors can build any type of fence you need. Request a free estimate today.