Few People Would Attempt to Scale a 6-Foot Aluminum Fence

Protect your Sartell or St. Cloud, MN area property by arranging for decorative metal fence installation and services

You don't have to build a wall around your property to deter would-be trespassers. A metal fence should do the trick. But if you're not certain a metal fence would meet your needs, get a second opinion from the decorative metal fence installation contractors at J&S Fence in Sartell & St. Cloud, MN.

We would be glad to walk you through your options, as well as give you a free estimate on decorative metal fence services. That way, you can decide if a metal fence is right for you.

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Define your property line in style

Decorative metal fences are ideal for homes because...

Can be customized

They'll provide privacy without blocking off the yard

Aesthetically pleasing for additional curb appeal